What our customers say about Jenni Jane

"I chose Le Quai de Seine clutch. I loved the bag right away. The color palette and the story behind the bag hooked me instantly. I love the vibe and the style of the brand. The bag is smooth and soft to hold. It is so easy to match with my day time outfit or even if I have a night out in the city. I feel great wearing it. It gives "un je ne sais quoi" to my look. I love it." Naomie, Paris, France.

"I bought the Silverlake and I love it! I wore it in my first day of work at my new job. It looks great. I fell in love with the bags instantly! Ordering was super easy and it shipped quickly." Laura, California, Usa.

"I chose the Soho clutch. I love it's size, the colors combinations as well as the word 'life'. I wear it during day time mostly when I want to give a twist to my casual outfit. It holds so much: newspaper, iPad, phone, keys, wallets and more... The leather is soft and is very easy to spot clean. I just love this bag and it's always a hit when I wear it so I love it even more." Jenna, NYC, USA.

"Le Silverlake m'accompagne dans mes soirées parisiennes ou mes brunch du dimanche. J'aime tellement L.A! Cette pochette était faite pour moi. L'esprit californien déteint un peu sur moi quand je la porte. Elle est cool et chic. J'ai flashé, j'ai acheté". Léo, Paris/Los Angeles. 

"I got Le Sobea. I just love wearing it. I love the feel and the colors. Such a statement piece. Women stop me in the street each time I wear it. I love it!" Dominique, Los Angeles, California.

"I love the brand! I discovered Jenni Jane via Instagram. I love her I.G wall. So inspiring. Jenni Jane is different from the other brand. It embodies a lifestyle. It's creative, it's colorful, it's travel, it's playful, it's luxurious. The leather is soft. It's easy to mix with my style. I feel vibrant when I wear my Soho clutch. I just love it". Sam, San Francisco, USA

"I love the clutch I bought (Le Quai de Seine). I have received many compliments  each time I've worn it. It is really one of my favorite pieces." Lilly, Venice, California.

"I am so happy I have bought Le Quai de Seine. Such a pleasure to wear it and it gets me always some great compliments. I love it!" Laura, NYC, USA 

"I bought Le Sobea for one of my best friend's birthday. She loved it and is so happy I have chosen a unique designer piece for her. She told me she receives so much compliments each time she wear it." Sarah, NYC, USA

"I bought Le Soho. My sister stole it from me she loved it so much!" Deborah, NYC, USA