• Le CPH fanny pack is the minimalist bag of our collection. CPH stands for Copenhagen, the mecca of Scandinavian designs known for their great sense of minimalism.
  • Designed in Los Angeles. Inspired by the french touch and the Scandinavian designs. Made in Mexico.

    You can add the Jenni Jane buttons with back pins on the perforated part of the bags.

    Jenni Jane’s leather bags are assembled according to the finest traditions and semi-handcrafted techniques. The high quality leather, cow leather, comes from a tannery in Italy. Each leather piece has been selected with care. Our philosophy is to keep the product as handmade and as natural as possible.

    The fanny pack has 2 credit cards slots. The belt is 52" long with 6 holes. It is lined in soft, lightweight black cotton, bringing a certain chic to the roomy interior that offers easy access and visibility to all your belongings. A lovely zipper closure secures the contents of the bag. This bag comes with one Jenni Jane button (place it on the bag or customize something else) .

  • L 5" x W 9"
  • "-"

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