Le SoHo

  • I spent all of my childhood vacations in New York. But I really discovered SoHo just a few years ago and fell in love with that neighborhood. Le SoHo is an 'on the go' bag, mimicking that inimitably frenetic New York pace. The shape recalls the iconic American grocery 'brown bag'. The snapshot evokes the colors and architecture of SoHo, a hodgepodge of Europe and the U.S., just like me.
  • Designed in Paris, France. Made in Los Angeles, California. The pictures printed on the bags have been taken and created by Jenni Jane.

    Jenni Jane’s leather bags are assembled according to the finest traditions and semi-handcrafted techniques. The high quality leather, cow leather, comes from a small tannery in Italy. Each leather piece has been selected with care. Only water based inks have been used on the printed vegan eco leather (made in usa) of the bag. Our philosophy is to keep the product as handmade and as natural as possible.

    The bag is lined in soft, lightweight red cotton, bringing a certain chic to the roomy interior that offers easy access and visibility to all your belongings. A lovely zipper closure (made in usa) secures the contents of the bag.

  • L 11" x W 7" (28.5 cm x 18 cm)
  • "I bought Le Soho. My sister stole it from me she loved it so much!" Deborah, NYC, USA.

    "I love the brand! I discovered Jenni Jane via Instagram. I love her I.G wall. So inspiring. Jenni Jane is different from the other brand. It embodies a lifestyle. It's creative, it's colorful, it's travel, it's playful, it's luxurious. The leather is soft. It's easy to mix with my style. I feel vibrant when I wear my Soho clutch. I just love it". Sam, San Francisco, USA.

    "I chose the Soho clutch. I love it's size, the colors combinations as well as the word 'life'. I wear it during day time mostly when I want to give a twist to my casual outfit. It holds so much: newspaper, iPad, phone, keys, wallets and more... The leather is soft and is very easy to spot clean. I just love this bag and it's always a hit when I wear it so I love it even more." Jenna, NYC, USA.

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